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Past Events

Fireside Chat with Urbanspoon CEO, Keela Robison- Startups Uncensored #46

Fireside Chat with TigerText CEO and Whisper CO-Founder, Brad Brooks - Startups Uncensored #45

Fireside Chat with Klout  Founder, Joe Fernandez- Startups Uncensored #44

Fireside Chat with Intuit Founder, Scott Cook- Startups Uncensored #43

 Fireside Chat with One Kings Lane Co-Founder and CMO, Susan Feldman- Startups Uncensored #42

Fireside Chat with Return Path Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Blumberg - Startups Uncensored #41

 Fireside Chat with Cornerstone OnDemand CEO, Adam Miller - Startups Uncensored #40

 Fireside Chat with Get Satisfaction CEO, Wendy Lea - Startups Uncensored #39 

Wendy describes the journey of a female entreprenuer from the South who worked her way into a highly succesful career path. 

 Fireside Chat with oDesk CEO, Gary Swart - Startups Uncensored #38 

Gary and Jason sit down to talk about Gary's pearls of wisdom about starting a business, company culture, and how Gary achieved success at oDesk. 

Fireside Chat with Venture Hacks and Angellist co-founder, Babak Nivi - Startups Uncensored #37

Nivi and Jason take the stage for a conversation prime for entreprenuers interested in starting, growing, and taking their businesses to the next level. 

Fireside Chat with SurveyMonkey CEO, Dave Goldberg - Startups Uncensored #36

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar, and Dave Goldberg engage in a discussion about starting a business, running a business, and Dave's story of what he has done with SurveyMonkey.

Fireside Chat with 99designs CEO, Patrick Llewellyn - Startups Uncensored #35

Patrick Llewellyn and Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc discuss running a business, office culture, and more in this month's fireside chat. 

Fireside Chat with Box CEO, Aaron Levie - Startups Uncensored #34

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar and Box CEO, Aaron Levie sit down for a compelling talk about the dynamics of working at Box, starting a company at a young age and Aaron's striking success in the startup world.

Fireside Chat with LA Council member Eric Garcetti - Startups Uncensored #33 

LA Council member Eric Gercetti and Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar discuss politics, Los Angeles, and Eric's upcoming mayoral campaign. 

Fireside Chat with All Things D Co- Executive Editor, Kara Swisher - Startups Uncensored #32

Kara Swisher and Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar sit down for an engaging and humerous fireside chat. 

Fireside Chat with Venture Capitalist David Hornik of August Capital - Startups Uncensored #31

This month's Startups Uncensored lecture series features David Hornik, a venture capitalist from August Capital.

Fireside Chat with Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief, Danny Sullivan - Startups Uncensored #30

 Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar hosts Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief, Danny Sullivan for a fireside chat in Santa Monica.


Fireside Chat with EventBrite Co-Founders Kevin & Julia Hartz- Startups Uncensored #29

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar hosts EventBrite Co-Founders Kevin and Julia Hartz for an engaging fireside chat.


Fireside Chat with Startup America Founder, Scott Case - Startups Uncensored #28

Docstoc CEO, Jason Nazar hosts an engaging fireside chat with Startup America CEO, Scott Case.


Mastering Public Speaking with Comedian Ben Gleib - Startups Uncensored #27

Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar does a presentation with comedian Ben Gleib on how to master public speaking and presentations. 


How To Pitch Investors with BeachMint Founders Josh Berman and Diego Berdakin - Startups Uncensored #26

Josh and Diego started Beachmint in 2010 and since then have raised over (wait for it....) $70 Million Dollars. They're also both active angel investors in the LA startup scene having invested in some of the most popular LA tech companies.


10 Strategies for Startup Success with @JasonNazar - Startups Uncensored #25

This tailored event was meant for anyone in the process of starting a new company or working in a startup. Jason talked about the lessons learned in growing Docstoc to one of the top 500 most visited websites, and the success habits implemented by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.


Advanced Affiliate Marketing with ShoeMoney - Startups Uncensored #24

Jeremy Schoemaker (widely known by his nickname of ShoeMoney) is an important player in the search engine marketing world, and his knowledge and expertise make him one of the top go-to guys for PPC, arbitrage, SEM, branding, and online income optimization.


 Fireside Chat with Michael Arrington - Startups Uncensored #23

Arrington is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of TechCrunch, the premiere news site covering startups and technology news. In September 2011, Michael co-founded CrunchFund, an early stage venture capital firm. The fund invests in and works with information technology companies at any stage but is primarily focused on seed and early stage investments.


Building Bigger Businesses the Second Time Around - Startups Uncensored #22 

This Startups Uncensored event was an open and frank townhall conversation with some of Southern California's most successful CEOs: Ryan Scott (Causecast), Gil Elbaz (Factual), Mark Suster, and Brian Lee (LegalZoom and Shoedazzle). 


How To Build A Great Internet Company - Startups Uncensored #21 


This event was  townhall conversation with the Docstoc Family. Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar interviewed different team members of Docstoc to talk about the specific tips and advice on topics such as Product Management & Design, Web Development, BizDev, Content Creation, and much more.  


Online Subscription Businesses - Startups Uncensored #20

 Jason Nazar (CEO, hosted and was joined by Josh Meyers, CEO of People Media a subsidiary of, Jeff Tinsley CEO and Founder of MyLife, Robert Angarita Co-Founder of Cramster (recently sold to Chegg) and Mark Kapczynski VP of Corp Dev at Experian.


Bootstrapping Your Business - Startups Uncensored #19

This event brought together some of the most successful LA entrepreneurs talking about how they started and grew their successful businesses without raising outside financing. Our panel consisted of Mark Verge founder and CEO of Westside Rentals, Josh Hartwell founder/CEO of MobileDelux, and Paige Craig one of the most prominent angel investors in LA and co founder of the Lincoln Group.


How to Become an Entrepreneur Superhero - Startups Uncensored #18

This month’s Startups Uncensored was on “How to Become an Entrepreneur Superhero”. It was an open and frank town-hall conversation with some of the most successful tech leaders talking about the qualities that make for great entrepreneurs. Hosted by Jason Nazar (CEO,, joined by Mark Suster partner at GRP Venture Capital, Ben Smith CEO/founder Merchant Circle, and J.R. Johnson CEO/founder


How to Raise Venture Capital - Startups Uncensored #17

“How to Raise Venture Capital” was an open and frank town-hall conversation where we broght in venture capitalists from the top firms across the country to talk about the process and requirements entrepreneurs need to go through to successfully raise money from venture capitalists. Hosted by Jason Nazar (CEO,, joined by Nate Redmond of Rustic Canyon, Josh Stein of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Thomas Ball of Austin Ventures, Jim Tybur of Trinity Ventures, and Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital.


How to Build a Great Technology Team - Startups Uncensored #16

“How to Build a Great Technology Team was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about the experience, process and skills need to build an all-star caliber technology team. Speakers were: Alon Shwartz the Co-Founder/CTO of Docstoc, Nick Wilson the EVP/CTO of, Allen Hurff the former Senior Vice President of Engineering at MySpace, Travlin McCormack the CTO of and former CTO of Slingshot Labs, and Nitu Gulati-Pauly Director of Recruiting at Cybercoders.


How to Persuade People - Startups Uncensored #15

“How to Persuade People” was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about the skills and techniques leaders use to influence others. The session was run by Jason Nazar, in a presentation forma geared towards startups and entrepreneurs to learn and review the skills that will help them raise money, hire great talent, and land partnerships.


Google Adsense for Websites - Startups Uncensored #14

“Google Adsense for Websites" was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about how to best optimize and monetize your website with Google Adsense. We were joined by two senior members of the Google Adsense team from Mountain View, California who have worked with hundreds of publishers to maximize the revenue they’re able to make with Google Adsense.


Building an Online Brand - Startups Uncensored #13

“Building an Online Brand” was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about what it takes to build and grow an online brand that’s meant to last. We were joined by Sean Moriarty, the former CEO of TicketMaster. During his time at Ticketmaster, Moriarty led the company through its multiple acquisitions and strategic investments. And by Blake Irving, the (Former) Corporate Vice President, Windows Live Platform Group. Blake led the effort to build and operate the most efficient, global Internet-scale services platform with the broadest and most profitable advertiser and developer ecosystem


Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs with Jason Calacanis - Startups Uncensored #12

“Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs” was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about what it takes to build a successful business and how to distinguish yourself as an entrepreneur. We were joined by Jason Calacanis the CEO of Mahalo, co-founder of Weblogs Inc and publisher of Sillcon Alley Reporter. Jason is one of the best known internet CEOs and hosts the popular show This Week in Startups


Building an E-commerce Business - Startups Uncensored #11

“Building an E-commerce Business”was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about the strategies, tactics, and challenges of building and growing online properties through E-commerce. We were joined by Wil Schroter the former CEO of SwapaLease & founder of the GoBig Network,. GotCast and AffordIt; Chance Barnett founder of Catch Him Inc. and; and Dan Bliss founder of PerfectBusiness and organizer of the upcomming conference The Perfect Pitch.


Legal Advice for Startups - Startups Uncensored #10

“Legal Advice for Startups” was an open and frank town-hall conversation talking about the legal questions that face start-ups and issues like incorporation, stock options, hiring employees, and much more. We were joined by John Suh the CEO of Legal Zoom. LegalZoom was founded by attorneys who have worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. They have used their expertise to simplify the law and make it accessible for everyone. We’re also joined by David Young a Partner at DLA Piper. Mr. Young’s venture capital financing experience includes representation of companies and investors in well over 100 financings, constituting over $1 billion in aggregate proceeds.


Online Advertising Advice - Startups Uncensored #9

“Online Advertising ”was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing the secrets and best practices to building up your online advertising revenue. We were joined by Brian Fitzgerald the founder and CEO of Gorilla Nation Media.


Pitching Venture Capitalists - Startups Uncensored #8

“Pitching Venture Capitalists" was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing the best ways to meet, court, and pitch venture capitalists on your business ideas. We were joined by Nate Redmond, a Partner at Rustic Canyon Venture Capital, and Docstoc Board member. Mark Suster, a serial venture backed entrepreneur and current Partner at GRP Venture Capital, and David Stern, Partner at Clearstone Venture Capital and kickass VC Blogger.


Outsourcing Web Development & Business - Startups Uncensored #7

“Outsourcing Web Development & Businesses” was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing the best practices and methodologies for building your web-based company through outsourcing. We were joined by James Siminoff, founder/CEO of PhoneTag and Aaron Hawkey co-founder and CTO of Cramster. Both have extension expereince in identifying and working with outsourced teams to build their technology companies. The event was moderated by our very own tech guru Alon Shwartz.


Getting Your Internet Company Bought - Startups Uncensored #6

“Getting Your Internet Company Bought” was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing the metrics and measurements for Mergers and Acquisitions in the online space with one of the best experts in the field. We were joined by Shawn Colo, the Co-Founder and Head of M&A at Demand Media. Shawn created the original concept for Demand Media and executed the simultaneous acquisitions of eNom, eHow and several domain-name portfolios which launched the company. Since co-founding the company with Richard Rosenblatt in May 2006, Shawn and his team have sourced, negotiated and completed over 30 acquisitions.


Raising Money from Angel Investors - Startups Uncensored #5

“Raising Money from Angel Investors” was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing how to meet, build relationships over time, and attract angel investment for your start up. Our “real life” Angel Investor guests included Kamran Pourzanjani CEO of Bestcovery and co-founder and former CEO of Pricegrabber, Brett Brewer, co-founder of Intermix Media (parent company of MySpace), Matt Coffin, founder of LowerMyBills, Rick Smith, Managing Director of Crosscut Ventures (a los angeles based angel fund), Jeff Tinsley CEO and founder of MyLife (formerly, and Bryce Benjamin of the TechCoast Angels.


Finding and Working with Partners - Startups Uncensored #4

“Finding and Working with Partners” was an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing how to find partners to grow your business, how to play nice with others, and deal with issues when they do (inevitably) arise. The event was co-hosted this month with Alon Shwartz, the co-founder and CTO of Docstoc (see his thoughts on How to Pick a Partner), and Gregg Spiridellis the co-founder and CEO of JibJab.